Gaming Microphone Havit GK52

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RGB Gaming Microphone Havit GK52

The Havit GK52 microphone is the perfect choice for streamers and more. It reliably captures your voice while eliminating any background interference. With a sound resolution of 48 kHz/16 bit, it allows for excellent recording quality, and the built-in knob makes volume adjustment easy. The RGB backlight gives it a gaming character, creating a unique atmosphere during gaming sessions or live broadcasts.


Clean Sound, No Interference

The Havit GK52 microphone is focused on recording sound from the front while minimizing interference from other directions. This ensures that your voice remains clear and distinct, regardless of your environment. The device is perfect for live streaming, singing, or playing online games.


High-Quality Recordings

A sound resolution of 48 kHz/16 bit is another advantage of the Havit GK52 microphone. It allows for high-quality sound recording, which is crucial for achieving professional audio effects. You can be confident that your recordings will sound excellent and satisfy even the most demanding listeners.


Dynamic RGB Backlight

The Havit microphone is designed with gamers in mind. It is equipped with dynamic RGB backlighting that gives it a unique character, creating a special atmosphere in your room. Your gaming experiences will now become even more immersive!


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