USB 3.0 Pop-Up Tray Loading Portable Mobile External DVD-Rw

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1. Buffer Size: 2MB
2. Dimensions: 14.7x14.5x1.3cm
3. Thickness: 9.5mm
4. Color: Black

1. No need to install the driver program,support plug and play.
2. Light and compact for carrying. You can take it wherever you go.
3. Compatible Windows XP/2003/Wind8/Vista/7,Linux,Mac 10 OS system.
4. USB 3.0 transmission standard, backward compatible to USB 2.0, data transmission
speed stability, up to a maximum of 5 GBPs.
5. The data cable adopt the design of embedding into product, the impedance o fpure
copper mesh technology is low, Shield is strong, data transmission is more stable.

Package Included:
1 x USB 3.0 Pop-up Mobile External DVD-RW

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