• GLOSETTE Almonds, Chocolate Covered Candy, 42g

GLOSETTE Almonds, Chocolate Covered Candy, 42g

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Stock up on these Glosette Almonds and treat yourself to a classic moviegoer snack at the theatre or at home. Use them in candy arrangements for any occasion, from celebrations to informal get-togethers or for your home movie and entertainment nights. The Glosette name was originally inspired by the glossy chocolate exterior of these sweet treats. A shiny, smooth, egg-shaped snack results from a sumptuous milk chocolate coating surrounding a delectable, crunchy almond centre. Glosette almonds are known for that distinct rattling sound they make inside the original retro-style box. Each 42 g box contains one serving with just 230 calories. Keep these Glosette Almonds on hand for your next special occasion.
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